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Christmas Proposals: Top Trending Engagement Rings


Proposal season is approaching quickly, with the Christmas holidays being the most popular time of year for engagements.

According to an article in WeddingWire, 2019 saw 41% of proposals being planned 1-3 months beforehand, which means that this is the perfect time to be considering your instore diamond ring offering.

This blog explores the top trending engagement ring styles and our best suited diamond rings from The Collection, our most comprehensive catalogue to date.

Top Trends

A review of Google Trends over the last twelve months* has seen an increase in searches for shaped diamond rings. At the top of the pile, searches for 'tear drop engagement rings', otherwise known as pear, has seen interest increase by 200%. Cushion (+170%) and Oval (+140%) complete the top three.

More recently however, in the last three months, the traditional Princess cut has seen an increase of +50% and in the most recent month, Emerald cuts have also seen an increase of +50%.

With this array of shaped stones becoming increasingly popular with engagement rings, we believe that 2021's proposal season will see high demand for shaped diamond rings.

Here are our top picks from The Collection:


Left to Right: 

R3-1021: A simple pear solitaire with round diamond set shoulders.

R1-2024: A classic pear solitaire with plain shoulders.

RC2020B: A classic pear halo with diamond set shoulders.

Cushion & Princess

Left to Right:

R1-141: An elegant princess solitaire with plain shoulders.

R1-2288: A classic crossover princess solitaire with round diamond set shoulders.

RC2023: A classic cushion halo with plain shoulders.

R1-2337: A classic cushion solitaire with diamond set shoulders.

Oval & Emerald

Left to Right:

R1-157: A crossover oval solitaire with plain shoulders.

RC1001: A simple oval solitaire with diamond set trefoil shoulder details.

R1-1242: A crossover emerald solitaire with plain shoulders.

RC2027: A classic emerald halo with diamond set split shoulders.

Vintage Designs

Vintage style rings are also seeing rising interest with search queries such as 'vintage engagement rings', 'antique engagement rings' and 'art deco engagement rings' being hot topics.

Here's some of our vintage inspired designs.

Left to Right:

RC1005: An art deco inspired halo with plain shoulders for a round centre stone.

RL116: A striking oval halo cocktail ring with a pear and round diamond surround.

R1-2347: An art deco inspired four claw round solitaire with diamond set shoulder details.

Alternative Styles

Alternative styles to the classic solitaire diamond ring has also seen more interest, with topics such as 'dainty engagement rings' and 'three stone engagement rings' seeing a boost as trending Google queries.

Left to Right:

R1-1266: A delicate four claw round solitaire with diamond set shoulder details.

R3-1022: An elegant marquise solitaire with round diamond set shoulders.

R3-1027: A classic round three stone ring with plain shoulders.

R1-2352: A timeless six claw solitaire with tapered baguette and round diamond set shoulders.

Classic Halo Rings

Classic styles are still getting seeing demand, with 'Halo Engagement Rings' seeing a 60% rise in searches over the last three months.

Here's some of our favourite Halo designs:

Left to Right:

RC1003: A classic round halo with plain shoulders.

RC1004: A classic round halo with diamond set shoulders.

RC2018: A classic emerald halo with plain shoulders.

Ready to buy? Learn more about The Collection here.

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*Information correct at time of publication: September 2021

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