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The Rosabella collection has been a Domino classic for a number of years now, offering stunning suites of high-end necklaces, earrings, pendants and bracelets.

This year's collection has a difference, with the new range available online in the form of a user friendly e-brochure. As technology and buying habits evolve, more and more customers need to access product information quickly and make purchases easily online. The new e-brochure provides exactly that, with beautiful product and lifestyle imagery, full product details and links to purchase through our website.

The new collection is our most comprehensive and commercially accessible range of Rosabella designs to date. There are 25 suites comprising of neckwear, earrings and bracelets of varying silhouette sizes and carat weights, as well as 10 separate earring and pendant sets. The 2018 Rosabella collection offers a wide range of price points, with pieces that can suit any occasion and all customer requirements

Rosabella has 97 pieces in total, with 48 brand new creative and commercial designs. The remainder of the collection takes our best-selling designs from last year and some of our classic Rosabella pieces.

Carat weights range from 0.05ct to over 7.0ct, showcasing understated yet elegant earrings and pendants that are ideal for everyday wear, as well as more extravagant statement necklaces for bridal and special occasional wear. With the range in carat weight comes a range of price points, catering for a wide spectrum of jewellery requirements.

From a design perspective, we have introduced a new 'starburst' setting style, which enhances the sparkle of the central diamond, giving the illusion of a larger stone. We have also introduced a new style of metal link, which has a much softer feel and provides enhanced manoeuvrability. Rosabella can be purchased in matching suites, although many designs are interchangeable and can flow with other jewellery.

Purchase online and over the phone, however if you would like to view Rosabella in person, please contact your sales representative to arrange a meeting.

View the e-brochure here:

For any further enquiries, please get in touch with our customer services team.

Phone: 0121 236 4772


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