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Clusters: An Alternative to the Halo

Often hailed as the original Halo design, Cluster jewellery offers brilliant sparkle and an alternative style with big impact!

Cluster jewellery is often interchangeably titled as a Halo. Whilst it's true that some cluster designs have a halo surround, their finished look tends to be less streamline than that of the halo. The smaller stones are usually more distinguishable and larger than that of a halo design, which tends to use smaller surrounding stones of melee size.

Clusters often include petal shaped settings resulting in gorgeous floral or star inspired styles. Some Clusters are made up entirely of smaller stones grouped together without a centre stone. 

They are the perfect alternative to a halo for consumers who are looking for something a little more unique and less contemporary, by offering a vintage feel. 

We've picked out some of our favourite cluster designs below.

Cluster Surrounds

Featuring (left to right):

RC79: A timeless oval cluster ring with plain shoulders

RC2047: A snowflake round cluster with plain shoulders

RC2012: A timeless oval cluster ring with plain shoulders

RC598: A timeless oval cluster ring with plain shoulders

Full Cluster

Featuring (left to right):

RC594: A vintage floral inspired cluster ring with plain shoulders

RC522: A vintage kite shaped cluster ring set with round diamonds

RC591: A classic floral inspired daisy cluster with plain shoulders

With the rising popularity of coloured gemstones, the Cluster lends itself well to this style, as seen with our gorgeous RC596 ring below. This gorgeous cluster surrounds a blue sapphire centre stone. 

Our Jewellery Bureau team is on hand to offer expert advice. We can source coloured gemstones and unusual diamonds on your behalf and set them into your favourite Domino piece. Alternatively, we can arrange for stones supplied by you to be set into Domino products. 

To find out more or arrange a service contact the Jewellery Bureau team today:


Telephone: +44 (0) 121 237 4910

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