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2022 Trends: Dainty Ring Designs

By the end of 2021, consumer buying trends indicated that dainty ring designs are growing in popularity, and we predict that this trend is going to continue in 2022!

These designs offer sleek and contemporary combinations ideal for bridal stacks and right-hand wear. We've picked out some of our favourite pieces which offer narrower bands and dainty designs.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Perfect for minimalist styles, the simplicity of a narrow band engagement ring, is perfect for drawing attention to the centre stone.

Left to Right: R1-2025 R1-1283 R1-2040 R1-141

For more impact, diamond detailed designs offer dainty solutions for those desiring a more contemporary look.

Left to Right: R1-1266 RC1004 R1-1286 R1-1268

Wedding Bands & Right-Hand Wear

The perfect complimentary bands to complete bridal stacks, or ideal for right-hand wear, these slim bands offer gorgeous, on-trend designs.

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