31st July 2023

Gender Neutral Diamond Rings

Gender Neutral Diamond Rings

Gender inclusive ring designs are in demand with modern couples breaking with traditional proposals and the LGBTQ+ community embracing their identities.

The last couple of years has seen gender neutral ring designs increase in popularity. Modern couples are breaking away from the traditional ideology that marriage proposals are the male's role in a heterosexual couple, and an increase in females proposing to their partners has helped to shape the demand for engagement rings for men. 

Celebrity influences, such as Ed Sheeran and Michael Buble has popularised this further and male interest in wearing engagement rings has increased significantly. 

The LGBTQ+ community are breaking down gender preconceptions, seeking designs which represent their unique styles and their gender identities, increasing the demand for gender neutral jewellery. 

Big brands are leading the way by increasing their unisex ring offering; see our unisex designs below so you can meet your customer's demand in your marketplace. 

Round Solitaires

Princess Solitaires

Our comprehensive range of diamond ring mounts are available in a large selection of finger sizes, meaning they are readily available for all customers to purchase based on their unique style and taste.

Click here to shop our diamond ring mounts and certificated diamonds.  

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