Starla: A Collection of Astronomical Proportions

The Starla jewellery range makes even the most glorious of constellations seem dull in comparison...

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Back in 1751, a cluster of stars just a mere 6,400 light years away was discovered in the constellation Crux, by French astronomer Nicholas Louis de Lacaille. This famous cluster was later aptly named the Jewel Box by English astronomer, Sir John Herschel, who, inspired by its sparkling ultraviolet and ruby red stars, described its telescopic appearance as...

'... a superb piece of fancy jewellery.'

Now you could be forgiven for believing that, nearly 300 years later, we have somehow scooped this celestial treasure straight out of the sky and introduced it to you in the form of Starla, our striking 18ct white gold collection.

As we had neither the technology nor the light years available to accomplish this feat, we settled for using detailed illusion settings to group together many dazzling HSi diamonds for an incredibly versatile range of rings, earrings and pendant designs.

We like to believe that if the good Sir Herschel was here today to witness the Starla range, he would describe its appearance as...

'...a stunning spectrum of galactical inspired beauty.'


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